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Emerald VS. Tsavorite Green Gemstone Comparison

Emerald VS. Tsavorite

Colored gem stones are becoming more popular every year as an engagement center stone choice. They're excellent when working with a budget but looking for size, and also offer a more unique look than a traditional white diamond. We notice a big push towards these colorful options as each stone is unique in its own way. Take a look at the differences and similarities between our favorite bright green gems: Tsavorite and Emerald.


Emerald is known for it's characteristic blue/green color that is unique to this stone. This distinguished stone brings with it a sense of romance and is seen most often in the classic emerald cut. It can be found in faceted cuts as well. Emerald comes in at 7.8-8 on the Mohs Scale for Hardness. Emerald cuts are typically expensive and do tend to show inclusions very easily. It is very difficult to find emeralds free of internal blemishes. The more clear an emerald cut is the more expensive it becomes. 



Tsavorite is roughly 200 times more rare than emerald, and is available for a fraction of the price. It offers a more brilliant sparkle due to a higher refractive index as compared to emerald. Tsavorite measures in at 7-7.5 on the Mohs scale. Although it's just underneath emerald on the Mohs Hardness scale, it's more stable. The Emerald cut's included nature can make them more delicate to mechanical blow. You would notice that tsavorite is actually is a more cost effective center option if you were considering a green stone. Tsavorites also have a bit more transparency to them. 

So Who Wins?

For everyday wear in a ring, Tsavorite is the best option as it's more stable and is generally less included. We recommend emerald center stones for engagement rings only if you are able to provide a little extra care and maintenance- otherwise an `emerald makes a beautiful cocktail ring stone or pendant option.