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Emerald Cut Wedding and Eternity Bands: Everything You Need to Know

The emerald cut diamond is a stunningly classic diamond cut that highlights impeccable diamond clarity and sophisticated artistry. 

Emerald cut wedding and eternity bands maintain the elegance of this cut whether used as a stand-alone wedding band or as a flawless complement to any style engagement ring.

What is an Emerald Cut Diamond?

An emerald cut diamond is an elegant cut featuring a large table (top) and a deep pavilion (bottom). Otherwise known as a “step cut,” the emerald cut diamond boasts 58 total facets (flat surfaces etched by a diamond cutter). The rows of parallel facets on the top and bottom of the diamond resemble steps, which gives a stunning and intriguing hall of mirrors effect. 

Our 2 carat Emerald Cut Diamond Three-Stone Engagement Ring

The artistry of the emerald cut reveals a larger surface area of the table with the “steps” drawing the eye to the center of the diamond; the result is intense clarity and color, which is unmatched in other diamond cuts. The long, parallel lines of the emerald cut elongate the finger creating a slimming effect that does not go unnoticed to the wearer or the observer. 

The emerald cut creates beautiful white and colored light reflections, but it does not magnify diamond brilliance. The emerald cut famously highlights diamond clarity, which makes quality an imperative factor when choosing your diamond. To learn more about emerald cut diamonds watch this video.

A Brief History of the Emerald Cut

The emerald cut found its origins more than 500 years ago. Stonecutters frequently fashioned emerald stones with step facets to emphasize the richness of the stone. This particular cut did not require high levels of pressure during the stone-cutting process, which prevented damage to the stone. 


The emerald cut had a surge in popularity in the late 1920s and early 1930s with the introduction of Art Deco to popular culture. The geometric emphasis of the emerald cut, with the polished lines and clean shapes perfectly aligned with the Deco aesthetic. 


Though Deco artistry has waned since the 1930s, the emerald cut never lost momentum. The emerald cut remains a popular diamond cut for engagement rings, wedding bands, and eternity bands. 

Buying Tips 

Emerald Cut Diamond

When searching for the perfect emerald cut wedding and eternity band, there are a few factors to consider for maximum diamond impact: color, clarity, and ratio.


• The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) grades diamonds on a color scale of D to Z. A “D” color grade is a colorless diamond while a “Z” color grade is a light-colored diamond. 

• D, E, and F color grades are colorless diamonds and the differences are generally undetectable to an untrained eye. 

• G, H, I, and J color grades are considered “near-colorless,” with only slight traces of color in the diamond. These color grades bode well with white gold or a platinum setting, which will prevent any trace of color in the diamond. 

We recommend selecting an emerald cut diamond within the D to J color grade range. While emerald cuts highlight clarity, slight color in this cut is virtually undetectable; as a result, many of our clients will opt for a diamond in the G to J range with complete satisfaction. 


The elongated lines of the emerald cut do not effectively conceal imperfections, which makes diamond clarity the most important factor when choosing an emerald cut wedding and eternity band. 

The higher the clarity of your emerald cut wedding or eternity band, the better. Higher clarity will prevent any visible imperfections in the heart of the diamond. When choosing the perfect emerald cut diamond, we recommend VS2 clarity or higher to ensure an eye-clean diamond from all viewpoints.  


The length to width ratio is calculated by dividing the diamond’s length by its width. Emerald cut diamonds are generally cut in rectangular shape with a ratio between 1.3 and 1.5  The most common emerald cut diamond ratio is 1.30:1. The higher the ratio, the more elongated the emerald cut. The lower the ratio, the more square the diamond will appear. 

Shop Emerald Cut Wedding and Eternity Bands

The engagement ring takes center stage from engagement day to the wedding day with due cause, of course. While the engagement ring is certainly important, the selection of a complementary wedding band or eternity band is equally important for total impact. Whether you prefer a wedding or eternity band that sits flush next to your engagement ring, perfectly contrasts band metals, or glamorizes a simply classic engagement ring… We have the perfect emerald cut wedding and eternity band selections for your unique preference.

Emerald cut eternity bands feature perfectly matched diamonds that flow synchronously to create a uniform appearance on the finger. Since the emerald cut diamond has a larger surface area, the emerald cut eternity bands are wider than the delicate pave styles we create to pair with an engagement ring. The following bands are best suited as stunning, stand-alone statement pieces. 

5 Stone Emerald Cut Diamond Band: GIA Grade

The 5 Stone Emerald Cut Diamond Band with GIA grade diamonds is an absolute head-turner. Five .50 carat emerald-cut, GIA grade diamonds wrap halfway around a platinum band with a shared prong wire basket setting creating a beautifully flowing row of diamonds. 


Diamond Weight: 2.56 carats

Diamond Color: E-F Color

Diamond Clarity: VS1 to VS2 Clarity (GIA Certified)

Halfway Emerald Cut Diamond Yellow Gold Band

halfway emerald cut wedding band diamond

This Halfway Emerald Cut Diamond Yellow Gold Band is as timeless as it is dazzling. .15 carat Emerald cut diamonds wrap halfway around this beautiful, 18 karat gold band, which perfectly contrasts the cool colored diamonds. The emerald cut diamonds sit in a shared prong wire basket, which creates a unifying effect that shouts “luxury.” 


Total Diamond Weight: 1.40 carats, G color/VS clarity

8.66 Carat Emerald Cut Diamond Platinum Eternity Band

emerald diamond eternity wedding band

Our 8.66 Carat Emerald Cut Diamond Platinum Eternity Band is undeniably glamorous. Each emerald cut diamond weighs approximately .50 carats and wraps seamlessly around a platinum eternity band with a shared prong basket setting for maximum “wow!” factor. 


Diamond Weight: 8.66 carats, I color/VS1 clarity

Toi Et Moi' Emerald Cut Diamond Band

toi et moi diamond ring wedding band

The Toi Et Moi’ emerald cut diamond band is a stunning statement ring featuring two, matching bezel set emerald cut diamonds with a dramatic, snake-like band detailed with .15 carats of round cut diamonds. 


Emerald-Cut Diamond Weight: .50 carats

Round Cut Diamond Weight: .15 carats

Emerald-Cut Diamond 'Snowflake' Eternity Band

emerald snowflake eternity diamond wedding band ring

The Emerald Cut Diamond ‘Snowflake’ Eternity Band is royally mesmerizing with .15 carat diamonds evenly spaced around a 14 karat yellow gold band. Each emerald cut diamond is set in a six-prong setting accenting the timeless elegance of each diamond. 


Diamond Weight: 2.00 carats, G color/VS clarity

Emerald & Radiant Cut Diamond Alternating Eternity Band

alternating emerald radiant cut diamond eternity band ring

The Emerald & Radiant Cut Diamond Alternating Eternity Band is a stunning option for brides desiring both clarity and brilliance. This eternity band alternates between emerald cut and radiant cut diamonds around a platinum band with an open airline profile view. No matter the angle, this statement eternity band will sparkle and shine.


Emerald Diamond Weight: 2.15 carats, H color/VS clarity

Radiant Diamond Weight: 2.15 carats, H color/VS clarity

What Do You Desire?

At Lauren B, we value educating our clients throughout this special, exhilarating process. We will help you select a flawless emerald cut wedding or eternity band that perfectly suits your partner. You can browse our full emerald cut wedding and eternity band selection here


If you have exact preferences or specifications in mind, we can work with you to custom design the ideal emerald cut wedding or eternity band that makes your heart sing.