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Emerald Cut Diamonds

Emerald cut diamonds are in a class of their own- elegant, understated, and always stylish. They give a traditional and vintage feel however depending on the setting can look incredibly modern.  These are step cut as opposed to brilliantly cut like round, cushion etc...Some think that because these diamonds have fewer facets than other fancy shapes making them have no sparkle . This however is not the case- when a well cut emerald diamond catches the light it will offer a beautiful flash of light.

Brilliant-Vs.-Step-CutThey are more elongated cut than say a round diamond. For this reason they give a flattering and slendering effect to the finger and make a great choice for anyone with shorter or longer fingers. With an emerald cut, you can opt for something with a smaller carat size because face up it will normally appear larger than its size if compared to another cut like round or cushion.

Clarity- this is something to be wary of. VS clarity and up is best for this range because there are fewer facets and imperfections will be easier to detect to the naked eye. SI1 is a great option and will offer a lot of value if you check the stone first. We sort through many SI1 diamonds for our customers before finding the perfectly hidden inclusion that will suit our client's budget and taste.

Setting options:

Modern ideas: Thin micropave band style like RS-63 or RS-85. The modern look of the thin micropave paired with a vintage feeling emerald gives a beautiful contrast between "old" and "new". The thin band offers a fresh take on this otherwise "classic", as opposed to trendy, diamond cut.

Delicate micropave halo: This style offers the same modern and vintage contrast as the above. It will give the illusion of a larger center stone. When our micropave halos are done by hand we are able to follow the outline of the emerald cut making it's unique shape stand out. The halo is perfectly crafted for a flush fit with no airspace which can be unflattering if the diamond sat above the halo. SOR-10735

IMG_9996Classic ideas: Side stones like half moons, trapezoids, or trillions will give a fuller look to the diamond on the East-West end. If the emerald cut you choose has a longer Length-Width ratio you can balance it out by adding fuller side diamonds which will create an illusion of fullness on the edges.  RS-38

Baguettes, tapered baguettes or bullets will create a contrast between the center diamond and the side stones. If your emerald is fuller and you do not necessarily need more width on the ring, this can be a nice choice. The thin side diamonds will make the center diamond pop. VNR-12364

To double claw prong or not to double claw prong? This comes down to the size and shape of the diamond. If the diamond is larger you can afford to add double claw prongs because it would not cover up the look of the diamond. For a smaller stone it is best to do a single prong so that more of a the diamond will be visible. Double claw prongs add more of a traditional feel while single claw prongs are quite modern

At Lauren B we carry all of these setting style options and can help you create different illusions based on the shape of your center diamond. It is all about tricking the eye, creating fullness where wanted, or making something look more slender if necessary. Because each setting is made on a per custom order basis we are able to change the looks to give yo ex

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