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Elongated Diamond Shapes: Emerald, Radiant, Hybrid Step-Cuts and Cushion Diamonds

Elongated Diamond Shapes: Emerald, Radiant, Hybrid Step-Cuts, and Cushion Diamonds


It is no secret that elongated cut diamonds are the ideal center-stone shape for many clients. These diamonds look larger on the hand because they cover more real estate lengthwise on the finger.  Each of the shapes shown below are also cut in square varieties, however we are finding that the elongated ones are all the rage now!



In order of appearance from left to right:


Emerald Cut

3.20 carat Emerald Cut diamond: This shape is a timeless classic. Due to its step-cut faceting, the clarity of these diamonds is vital, as you have a clear view into the center of the stone.  LB Pro Tip: You can sacrifice more on color - even a "J" will look nearly colorless faceup!


Radiant Cut

3 carat Radiant Cut diamond: this shape really saw a revival in 2019.  At Lauren B, we only stock a specially cut version of this stone that allows for an even, crisp sparkle throughout and a larger-than-average face-up appearance. LB Pro Tip: Pay close attention to the GIA report to ensure the facets extend directly from the girdle (outermost edge) to the culet (bottom tip of the stone).


Hybrid Step Cut

3.50 carat Hybrid Step Cut: This shape is a fascinating combination of all 3 other cuts listed! It has rounded edges similar to a cushion cut, open facets like an emerald cut, and just enough sparkle to rival a radiant! LB Pro Tip: This diamond is VERY scarce on the market but at Lauren B, we do have a nice selection of this particular cut!


Cushion Cut

4 carat Cushion Cut: The appeal of this shape is its soft edges and pillow-like appearance.  It is well suited for a variety of settings and has been a popular pick for over a decade now.  LB Pro Tip: Similar to radiant cuts, check the GIA report to ensure that it has "brilliant style" faceting to achieve crisper sparkle and larger dimensions!

If you have any questions about engagement rings with elongated shapes, please email [email protected] so we can create a custom quote for you!

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