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This past year has brought a surprising resurgence of vintage-inspired looks and shapes. One of the most prevalent trending features? The antique cushion. Also commonly known as “old mine cut’, these diamonds display incredible brilliance and a distinctive look that stands out from today’s modern cuts! If you love this shape, let Lauren B guide you through the process of selecting your perfect diamond!



Antique cushions are just that - an antique cut.
Most of the antique cushion diamonds on the market today have been cut with modern technology, allowing for proficiency in cutting styles that heirloom diamonds and legitimate “antique” diamonds do not all have. Many antique diamonds exhibit cut imperfections because they were cut by hand, so some flexibility in polish and symmetry is suggested to open up your options!



Antique cushions have a gorgeous, brilliant look.
Old mine cuts are distinguished by having a steeper crown angle, typically with a slightly smaller table facet to exhibit a chunky, dome-like appearance. This does have the capacity to change with more elongated options, however they still have larger facets than your standard brilliant cuts! The benefit here is that you get a larger overall sparkle radiating from your diamond no matter the length-to-width ratio!



Antique cushion diamonds are super rare.
While these were all the rage in the Victorian and Edwardian era, true old mine cuts are hard to find in improved quality and various size ranges now! A long time ago, these were the only option for a cushion shape, however the more modern interpretations of cushion modified and cushion brilliant have become more prevalent cutting styles. Overall, this is due to improvements in cutting technology, but we think the hunt for these special diamonds is worth it!


Buying Tips

  • Allow for a bit more variation in cut grade than you would for modern diamond cuts, especially if you are choosing from actual antique diamonds: since they used to be cut by hand, they may only reach a Very Good or Good Polish and Symmetry rating!
  • Let the chunky facets do the work: with their larger brilliance, some antique cuts do not exhibit warmth as easily due to their high refraction. This means that even the Near Colorless and Faint ranges will not appear very yellow!


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