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Custom Engagement Rings | Part 1

In the first blog of our two-part series on custom engagement rings we are going to go over the basics of custom designs and why a shopper may, or may not, choose to go this route when purchasing their ring.  This will be followed up with a step-by-step guide on how to approach the process.

The Custom Engagement Rings Trend

Radiant Cut Diamond Rose Gold Hidden Halo Engagement Ring

Lauren B is one of the most well-regarded manufacturers of custom engagement rings, not only in New York City but across the world.  Although we have over 500 engagement rings in stock and available for immediate purchase, a majority of the time our rings are made to order - many clients are looking for something unique and tailored exactly to their taste and price range.

Because there are so many different options available for a ring from the shape/quality/size of the center-stone, to the width of the band and the metal color, you may not find “the ring”  that checks everyone one of your boxes.

In addition to our website and social media(Instagram and YouTube), we display all of our ring designs in high-definition quality videos & images for the world to view.  Because you can see so many variations of a single design it can help give someone inspiration for their custom design.  Our custom engagement ring design process is continually being refined over time and our design consultants work one on one with each client to guide them each step of the way.  You can select every detail of the ring right down to the millimeter width of the band and height of the center-stone to ensure it is the ring they will love!

What is a Custom Engagement Ring?

white gold oval diamond pave halo engagement ring and oval moissanite pave rose gold engagement ring

Our definition of custom engagement rings (one that is widely accepted) is a ring that was newly created for a client to fit the exact dimensions of the center-stone selected and made to their finger size.  This should not be confused with retailers who keep a stock of "pre-made" settings (mountings) without center-stones that they will use for a client after they select a center stone.

Since these ring settings were already created, and not made to the specifications of the client or the center-stone, it is not considered a custom engagement ring.

Our custom and in-stock engagement rings are crafted to the exact outline and dimensions of the center stone for a seamless fit.  This helps ensure the detailing on your ring such as a wrap of diamonds underneath or that the halo flows perfectly with the center-stone and helps you achieve a low profile, elegant appearance.

You will notice that rings from other companies may not sit flush with your hand and have a protruding center-stone or a gap in the halo; all signs of a premade, non-custom ring.

Why Choose a Custom Engagement Ring?

Often times a client will fall in love with a ring from our in-stock collection, or a custom ring from our website, but want to modify the ring to fit their exact taste and specifications. Here are just a few examples of why someone may choose to build or design a custom engagement ring

  • You may see a ring in platinum but you want it in yellow gold or some other metal combination.  Any ring in from our showroom or website collection can be created in any metal color combination.

  • You are viewing one LaurenB ring with a diamond center-stone but you would rather explore a diamond alternative like moissanite.  We can custom-create any ring for any type of center-stone desired; if you see a diamond center ring it can be made with moissanite, color stone, lab-grown diamond, or vice versa.

  • The quality or size of the center-diamond is not what you are after but you love everything else about the ring. In this case, we would explore diamonds from our loose stone inventory to find one that meets your needs better and then custom builds the ring (with or without modifications to the design) to the exact measurements of the center stone.  Any of our ring designs can be custom made for any size or quality center-tone

  • You love the design but your preference is for a different shape center stone.  Although it may be hard to visualize, you can browse our website video gallery to find something similar or if you are able to come into our showroom we can show you how the different shapes look on your hand.  Each ring can be custom made for any shape center stone and you can see on our website that our popular designs like the Signature Wrap, Invisible Gallery™, Hidden Halo™, and more are all shown with every variation of center-stone.

lauren b signature wrap diamond ringHidden Halo Cushion Diamond Ring Lauren B Jewelry     Lauren B Jewelry Invisible Gallery Yellow Gold Diamond Ring

  • You only want to make modifications and use the existing design as a baseline for your custom ring.  One example is changing from a single row band to a three-row band and keeping the rest of the design the same.

Oval Diamond Rose Gold Engagement Ring Single Row Pave Rose Gold Band
RS-292 Oval Diamond Engagement Ring White Gold Three Row Pave Diamond Band Three-Row Pave White Gold Band

Why Some Choose an In-Stock Ring

  • A custom engagement ring design may not be for everyone.

As with anything custom that you order, the policy of no refunds holds true unless some design aspect of the ring was not executed as initially agreed upon.  If you have any reservations about how the ring may turn out you may steer away from the custom-designed route and go for something that is available in the showcase.  Your Lauren B Design Consultant will be able to help guide you in the best direction for you. We do offer CAD to our clients once a deposit is placed which may help them better visualize the finished product and make modifications prior to it going into production.

A couple more reasons someone may go for something "ready to buy" as opposed to custom-designed:

  • They found exactly what they are looking for ready to go (or close enough) and there is no need to start designing a custom ring.

  • Sometimes it can come down to a timing issue. A custom ring does take around 2-3 weeks to craft so there will be instances where a client does not have that time and wants to propose as soon as possible.  Perhaps they have plans lined up for the proposal like a special trip out of town. This is why we tell clients to start shopping at least one month in advance to leave themselves room to maneuver for whatever the reason may be.

Custom & Handmade

  • We often stress that no two diamonds are alike (especially non-round brilliant diamonds) and each stone has unique characteristics like angles, measurements, percentages, etc.  This makes it nearly impossible to fit the center-stone into an intricately designed setting that was not made to the center stone's exact specifications.


  • The difference in the craftsmanship of a Lauren B ring compared to others really starts to shine because our rings are handmade. We can create them precisely to the exact shape of the center-stone to ensure a seamless, elegant appearance and fit.


  • Our design consultants who provide a one-on-one dedicated customer service approach will guide you every step of the way, so you can be sure to walk away with a gorgeous custom engagement ring from Lauren B Jewelry.

How to design custom engagement rings?

That will be coming up in our next post on engagement rings.