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Cushion Cut vs. Round Cut: A Diamond Shape Face-Off

Cushion cut diamonds and round diamonds are the two most popular diamond shapes of 2021. So how do these two diamond shapes measure up when compared side-by-side? 

In our cushion cut vs. round cut face-off, we compare popular engagement ring styles featuring cushion cut and round “brilliant” diamonds. If you prefer video content, you can view our IGTV video.

The Round “Brilliant” Cut Diamond

Round cut diamonds are a traditional diamond shape featuring a perfectly circular diamond. Triangular facets in the round diamond gemstone contribute to the immense sparkle, or brilliance, of this diamond shape, hence the nickname “brilliant cut.”

The Cushion Cut Diamond

The cushion cut diamond comes in both square and elongated shapes featuring rounded corners to create a pillowy effect.  There are several variations of cushion cuts from “crushed ice” to brilliant and antique cuts.

The Cushion Cut Diamond vs. The Round Cut Diamond

Cushion and round-cut diamonds are sister shapes with an emphasis on brilliance and sparkle. Both square cushion cuts and round brilliant cuts have a 1:1 ratio giving each shape lots of flexibility when it comes it setting styles.  Additionally, the triangular facets of cushion and round “brilliant” cut diamonds effectively hide color allowing for budget flexibility

In terms of size, any type of fancy shape will appear larger than a round diamond of the same carat weight. In terms of round vs. cushion, a cushion-cut will always have a larger table than a round diamond of comparable size and carat weight. As for sparkle, round brilliants will have more fire than a cushion cutand all other shapes for that matter. However, the ability to choose different styles of cushion cuts is very appealing in addition to all of them lending themselves well to a wide range of ring designs.


The solitaire diamond engagement ring features a single center stone gemstone with no additional diamond detailing. Solitaires can be dressed up with a fancy wedding band for stylish contrast or paired with a classic, plain wedding band for a sleek look. 

The following round and cushion cut diamond engagement rings feature a yellow gold band with a yellow gold setting.

1.50 ct Round Diamond Yellow Gold Solitaire Engagement Ring

1.60 Carat Cushion Cut Diamond Yellow Gold Solitaire Engagement Ring


If you prefer a white gold or platinum metal color, the following 2.10 ct Round Diamond Engagement Ring and 3.20 ct Antique Cushion Cut Engagement Ring are brilliant options.

2.10 ct Round Diamond Engagement Ring

3.20 ct Antique Cushion Cut Engagement Ring

Pave Bands

The term “pavé” refers to a neat row of small, round diamonds set closely together using tiny beads creating the illusion of a path. Our pave band settings offer additional sparkle to any engagement ring band. 

2.25 Carat Cushion Cut Diamond Cathedral Engagement Ring

1.50 ct Cushion Cut White Gold Engagement Ring

2.82 Carat Round Diamond Platinum Six-Prong Engagement Ring

1.80 ct Round Diamond Six-Prong Engagement Ring

3-Row Pave Band Detailing

The 3-row pave band features pavé diamonds on the top as well as both sides of the band. The added sparkle gives the ring more brilliance than solitaire bands or even single-row pavé bands.

2.40 Carat Cushion Cut Platinum Engagement Ring

3.00 ct Round Diamond Six-Prong Engagement Ring with Three-Row Band

Halo Setting

A halo setting is a row (or multiple!) of round, pavé diamonds surrounding the center stone. Adding a halo can make the center stone appear (up to) a full carat larger, which makes them a budget-friendly engagement ring style. 

2.78 Carat Round Diamond Halo & Two-Row Band Engagement Ring

1.70 ct Cushion Diamond Halo Two-Row Engagement Ring

If you truly can’t decide between a cushion cut and a round diamond, look no further - this 1.40 ct Round Diamond in Cushion Halo ring is the best of both worlds! Featuring a round cut diamond in a cushion diamond halo setting, this ring is a round cut diamond at its core with the outer shape of a cushion cut!

1.40 ct Round Diamond in Cushion Halo Engagement Ring

Halo vs. no halo diamond engagement rings are not the only styling options. At Lauren B, we offer a double edge halo, which features one row of round pavé diamonds around the center stone and another row on the edge of the halo for extra dazzle from every angle. We also offer a Hidden Halo which is unique to Lauren B.

The Little Details: Lauren B Signature Settings

At Lauren B, we are especially focused on the details. Our signature setting styles add a subtle touch of elegance and sparkle that elevate your engagement ring’s “wow” factor. Our signature settings are the perfect addition to your cushion or round-cut diamond. 

The Signature Wrap

The Lauren B Signature Wrap is all about the fine details. In this setting, a row of pavé diamonds wraps perfectly around the center stone and can only be seen from the side view. 

Want more shine? Our Double Signature Wrap features two rows of pave diamonds for the perfect amount of extra sparkle! 

6.01 ct Round Diamond Signature Wrap Engagement Ring

3.01ct Cushion Diamond Signature Wrap Engagement Ring

The Invisible Gallery

Our Invisible Gallery setting is notoriously comfortable and low profile. Instead of the engagement ring band connecting beneath the center stone to create a perfect circle, the band connects to a pave diamond wrap exposing the center stone at the bottom. This setting style eliminates extra height, which prevents clothing snags and interference with day-to-day activities. 

1.81 Carat Round Diamond Invisible Gallery™ Solitaire Ring

2.50 ct Cushion Diamond Invisible Gallery™ Engagement Ring

Hidden Halo

Our Hidden Halo setting features two rows of pave diamonds placed under the center stone and over the prongs. The pave diamonds under the center stone protrude outward to create a subtle diamond shadow that can be seen from both the side and top views. This setting style can make the center stone appear 40-60% larger and serve as a subdued alternative to the traditional diamond halo.

1.70 Carat Round Diamond Hidden Halo™ Engagement Ring

2.30 ct Cushion Cut Diamond Hidden Halo™ Engagement Ring

Which Do You Prefer?

Do you prefer the classic, elegant simplicity of a round “brilliant” cut diamond or the soft, delicate aesthetic of a cushion-cut diamond? Whichever diamond shape you decide on, we have a wide variety of engagement ring styles to choose from.

All of our engagement ring styles at Lauren B Jewelry are fully customizable. You can alter the center stone size, setting style, band metal, and more to create a picture-perfect (literally, Instagram-worthy) engagement ring that fits your budget!