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COVID-19 PREVENTION: Protecting Your Jewelry & Yourself

As the Coronavirus becomes more prevalent, so do our clients’ concerns for how to properly maintain their ring while protecting themselves from contact bacteria. Here are a few things you can do to ensure that your ring stays sterilized, but sparkling!

1. Keep washing your hands. Clarified soaps and dish soaps like Dawn are non-toxic and gentle to use on your skin. Dawn can also be used to clean your ring in lieu of more questionable jewelry-cleaning solutions, which are not always free of allergens. 


2. Be mindful of Purell overkill. Hand sanitizers have an alcohol-base, so while they will not hurt your diamond, they may wear softer metals like white gold or sterling silver with more frequent use. If you can, take off your ring while applying.


3. Moisturize ring-free. If you are following up with moisturizers post-Purell application, it is best to remove your ring to avoid buildup on its surface. Lotions or oils that you apply after can make your ring look milky or filmy, which inhibits its brilliance. 


4. Keep your ring to yourself. While your ring or band may have many admirers (especially if your engagement is recent!), it is more than understandable to refuse try-ons amongst friends and acquaintances. If you wouldn’t shake hands, you shouldn’t share rings! :) 


5. The safest bet: Take it off. If you are simply adding stress to already anxiety-driven circumstances, the last thing you want to worry about is how dirty your ring might get or where you left it! Should you find that you will be participating in more hands-on activities, it may be best to leave your ring home, safe and sound.



At Lauren B, we are implementing new procedures specifically intended to prevent the spread of the virus. As we are learning more, the more strict protocol will be in place to ensure the safety of our staff and our clients. These are the measures we are taking so far at our flagship NYC location:

  • All employees are required to wash their hands upon entering the store at any point and after every appointment.
  • Clients will be offered hand sanitizer or the option to wash their hands prior to ring try-ons.
  • Employees exercise the right to refuse to shake hands to avoid unnecessary contact - not to offend, just to protect! :)
  • All items will be shown by your LB sales team member while wearing protective gloves.
  • All items will be immediately steam-cleaned after use and prior to usage by the next client.
  • Door handles, showcases, and all commonly touched areas will be disinfected on an hourly basis throughout the day.
  • Employees will wipe down personal computers, phones, and work areas using anti-bacterial cleaning supplies and dispose of all personal trash accordingly.
  • Employees that are unwell or showing symptoms of the virus will be required to stay home.


Many of our clients opt to work remotely with us due to distance, and now even more so due to travel precautions. If you prefer not to visit our location in person, you can still create a beautiful custom piece with us! Click below to learn more!

Yes, I Want to Build a Ring Remotely


You can schedule your remote meeting with an LB team member here by selecting the Online Appointment option. This will include Zoom Video Conferencing to create as close to an in-store experience as we can offer without leaving your home! Compare ring styles, ask questions, and view personalized diamond selections in real-time... nothing should keep you from finding your perfect ring!!