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Affordable Diamond Jewelry - LB Studio is Here!


Excited to Announce the Launch of LB Studio!


Lauren B’s new Studio line of elegant, everyday jewelry (Shop the collection here!). This affordable diamond jewelry collection starts around $300 and runs up to pieces marked at $1300+.

The line is comprised of rings, bracelets, earrings, and necklaces in white gold, yellow gold and rose gold metals. Just in time for the summer, these pieces can be stand-alone statement pieces or paired together and stacked up to take any outfit to the next level. 

At Lauren B Jewelry, we strive to create pieces of the highest quality and to make sure our pieces are on-trend and stand out. This new LB Studio line is no different. Each piece was carefully designed with our customers in mind. Perfect for a birthday, anniversary or holiday gift, these pieces are sure to become a staple in your everyday wear. 

We are excited that this new collection holds the same luxurious Lauren B feel we are known for without breaking the bank to do so. The collection is for sale online only directly through our website laurenbjewelry.com

From pave diamond crawlers and emerald cut diamond studs to open lip pendants and cosmically inspired diamond rings, this collection features classic and funky pieces that speak volumes about the wearer’s personal style. 

To keep the jewelry in perfect shape, we recommend these tips:


  • Remove your jewelry before daily routines like showering, lotion, perfume, etc. 
  • Keep your jewelry off when doing any strenuous activities especially like at the gym.
  • Don't wear your jewelry to sleep it can get caught on fabrics and cause the prongs and metal to bend out of shape.
  • Clean your jewelry using a soft toothbrush and scrubbing gently with mild soap and warm water.


Find more affordable diamond jewelry from LB Studio here:



For more LB Studio information and pictures, follow us on Instagram at instagram.com/laurenbjewelry and visit our website at laurenb.com to explore all of our pieces. For any questions or inquiries, email us at [email protected].

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