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Advice: How to let your significant other know which engagement ring style is your favorite?

This one goes out to the ladies! How do you drop “subtle” hints to your guy (or girl) to show him exactly the ring style and diamond shape you love without seeming pushy about it?

There are many ways to do this! The first is pretty simple: use our Instagram posts! Pretty much any of our styles and all of their variations have been posted on Instagram at some point. The nice thing about this is that there is often a video and style number, which will help US when he comes in. Once you find one you’re in love with, tag him in it! This is the easiest way to show him exactly what you love. Keep in mind not to tag him in too many so he doesn’t get overwhelmed with the infinite details and options out there!

You can also go onto your favorite jeweler's website and save some of your top choices for rings into the favorites folder.  On the Lauren B website, there is even an option to add items to your "wishlist" and e-mail them to a friend.

Another subtle way is to come to see us! It always helps you get an idea of exactly what you love when you can put it on your finger. You can make an appointment and bring a friend along to make it an enjoyable experience. We love taking the time to help narrow it down and then give you all of the information, so all you have to do is leave our business card on the kitchen counter, or bathroom counter, or anywhere he will see it and get the message loud and clear (yet subtly)!

You can also always rely on that BFF of yours. She (or he) knows you, knows what you like, and can be entrusted to direct your guy in the right direction. It always helps to have a girl's day out and try rings on, being sure to get a finger size so there is no guesswork when it comes to making your dream ring. Your friend can be there to relay the information that, trust me, he will want to have during the process.

Finally, if you have an open dialog about it, come in together to get ideas, and once he knows and can see what you like, let him do the rest. It is nice to let him at least choose the stone!

Hopefully, these clues can help guide your soon-to-be fiancé to the ring of your dreams. These methods are tried and trusted! The more details we have, the better!